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A knowledge resource selected by UNICEF for humanitarian practitioners everywhere

UNICEF Compendium of Community Based MHPSS Resources

UNICEF has developed a global guidance on community-based Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (CB-MHPSS), including a framework that clearly shows the shift away from a Child Friendly Space (CFS) focused approach to a more community-based approach. The compendium of resources supplements the global guidance by providing a set of resources that can be used in different field settings.

The compendium provides valuable information about available resources, including guidelines, training manuals and tools. The description of each resource includes a detailed overview of its features, and information about how to access documentation, training or publications supporting each resource. The compendium is intended to be used as a reference document to identify available resources for implementing CB-MHPSS in humanitarian settings.

The compendium does not describe how to implement particular interventions, but rather provides resources to inspire program development across a broad spectrum of approaches within the frame of the IASC Guidelines for MHPSS in Emergencies, and a map to point users to additional sources of information.



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Mental Health and Psychosocial Support


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