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U-Reporters in Situation and Programmatic Monitoring: UNICEF Cote d’Ivoire’s experience in COVID-19

RapidPro software, U-Report applications and youth engagement enabled UNICEF and the Government of Cote d’Ivoire to monitor and adapt programming in the context of COVID-19. U-Reporters and young bloggers were proactively engaged to identify and address false information around COVID-19 using the U-Report platform. Polls collected critical information while face-to-face data collection such as surveys and facility assessments were not possible due to movement restrictions. U-Reporters, already skilled in digital platforms, were engaged in an innovative pilot as third-party monitors (TPM) during Child Health Day campaigns. U-Reporters were based in their communities, equipped with knowledge from their communities and did not need to travel in contract to traditional TPM. U-Reporters as a TPM modality was found to be a cost-efficient option to explore further. The flexibility of RapidPro software, ability to adapt U-Report information sharing and data collection, and engagement of U-Reporters contributed to an adaptive response over time.



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