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Every country protected - every child resilient: UNICEF DRR in action

The increasing frequency and severity of disaster events — exacerbated by an accelerating climate crisis, environmental degradation and lagging risk governance systems — means that children and young people need immediate action to build resilience.

In response, UNICEF and its partners are committed to integrating child-centred DRR (CCDRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) into development and humanitarian efforts through a multisectoral, systems-strengthening approach. This includes in the areas of social protection, education, health, mental health and psychosocial support, nutrition, child protection and water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH).

The Every country protected; every child resilient report showcases UNICEF’s efforts in ensuring child-sensitive programming is incorporated in DRR and CCA plans, protocols and policies; providing technical expertise to government leaders and line ministries on multiple hazards (including in fragile and risk-prone contexts); promoting age- and gender-disaggregated research to inform decisions; and supporting children and young people to participate and lead in reducing risk at home, school and in their communities.



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