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Children's Environment and Health in East Asia and the Pacific: Situation Analysis and Call for Action

The poorest and most marginalized children are disproportionately affected by pollution, climate change and environmental degradation. This discussion paper on Children’s Environment and Health provides a brief situation analysis of the available data and evidence on the links between environmental risk factors and children’s health in the East Asia and Pacific region. The report has found that that the capacity at the country level to respond to the environmental determinants of health is limited in relation to generation of evidence, science-based policy development, accountability for leadership & coordination, and financing environmental health infrastructure.

This discussion paper proposes the agenda for action on Children’s Environment and Health that includes development of children’s environment and health policy and plans, generation of evidence on the links between environment and child health, leadership and workforce capability building, cross-sector and public collaboration and communication, and monitoring and information sharing.



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East Asia and Pacific

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