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Child-centred Climate Action: Stories from the field in East Asia Pacific Countries

The generous contribution of UNICEF dedicated climate funds has been instrumental in strengthening East Asia Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO) and the region’s Country Offices’ (CO) capacities to mainstream climate, environment, energy and DRR issues across country programming and to identify and implement tailored solutions for enhancing climate resilience of vulnerable children and communities.

A range of solutions have been initiated, adopted and implemented to build climate resilience, creating conditions for the children and communities in the region to thrive. UNICEF EAPR has significantly enhanced their capacities and established a foundation for accelerating climate, environment and disaster-risk reduction (DRR) actions for and with children.

To steer action and deliver on climate change for children, UNICEF EAPRO has worked to reduce children’s vulnerability to climate change by:

-- Supporting evidence generation, climate risk assessments, adaptation programmes,
-- Capturing opportunities for reducing emissions and pollution,
-- Making essential services for children climate resilient,
-- Mainstreaming consideration of child-centred climate change policies across development processes
-- Ensuring that children are engaged as critical agents of change.

This brochure intends to capture the activities that the regional and country offices in the EAPR conducted through dedicated climate funds made available by UNICEF.



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Climate, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction


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