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Case studies of ​situation and programmatic monitoring ​adaptations during COVID-19​

Package of case studies on the following:

1. Monitoring in COVID-19 Contexts: A Lessons Learned Synthesis Report of UNICEF Country Office Adaptations
2. Phone-based surveys and social listening dashboards in Azerbaijan: UNICEF’s Azerbaijan’s experience in COVID-19
3. U-Reporters in Situation & Programmatic Monitoring: UNICEF Cote d’Ivoire’s experience in COVID-19
4. Integrated Outbreak Analytics: From Ebola to COVID-19 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
5. UNICEF Egypt’s experience with phone-based surveys during COVID-19
6. Big data and polls to support learning continuity: UNICEF Indonesia’s experience in COVID-19
7. System-level thinking for multisectoral programming: UNICEF Jordan’s experience in COVID-19
8. Remote supply end user monitoring: UNICEF Kenya’s experience in COVID-19
9. Investing in National Data Capacity: UNICEF Morocco’s experience in COVID-19
10. Behavior pattern analysis through anthropological and social data: Pakistan’s experience with COVID-19
11. Introducing remote programmatic visits: UNICEF South Sudan’s experience in COVID-19
12. Facilitating Public-Private partnership to develop national capacity for epidemiological situation monitoring: UNICEF Ukraine’s experience in COVID-19



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