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Africa -The Climate Crisis: Climate Change Impacts, Trends and Vulnerabilities: Children in sub-Saharan Africa

This report reviews the climate change risks, trends and impacts and the related vulnerabilities on children in sub--Saharan Africa. The report also outlines UNICEF’s response to this crisis and advocates for concerted actions by governments, UN agencies, donors and financing partners the private sector and others in order to ensure that every child survives and thrives; every child learns; every child is protected from violence and exploitation; every child lives in a safe and clean environment; every child has an equitable chance in life and that we have an environment fit for children and future generations.

The report notes implications of climate change for children in sub-Saharan Africa are enormous as young people make up 63 per cent of the population in this region. Between 2017 and 2050, the child and youth population in the region is expected to more than double to 945 million, with declines expected in other regions of the world.



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