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The ACT Framework Package: Measuring Social Norms Around Female Genital Mutilation

At the heart of the ACT framework is a set of 10 questions that can be used to create a social norms index. These are supported by indicators you can choose from to measure other factors associated with social norms, including individual and social level change, social networks, and gender norms.

The ACT Framework and its supporting tools will allow you to:
1) Select from a menu of indicators to design research instruments tailored to your program’s theory of change and implementation status.
2) Choose as many or as few indicators from the menu as needed to design research that is as complex or as simple as the scale and resources of your programme call for.
3) Find detailed guides, tip sheets and templates to help programme staff engage and manage stakeholders who will be involved in the study, including research agencies, government counterparts, partner agencies and communities.

Getting Started: Below you will find a package of tools with everything you need to implement research using ACT. We suggest you start with the ACT Framework document (below) which includes links and references to the other supporting tools available on this website that you can refer to as and when you need them. We hope you find the ACT Framework Package useful in providing you with the evidence and measures you need to accelerate your interventions.

Please reach out to for questions and feedback on the ACT Framework Package.

The ACT Framework


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