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GBViE Programme Resource Pack Kit 4: Evaluation

UNICEF is committed to regular and rigorous evaluation to support organizational learning and accountability.
Evaluation enables UNICEF to continually improve its performance and achieve results for children and women. The growth of gender-based violence (GBV) programming in humanitarian settings, coupled with a need for greater accountability and evidence of the effectiveness of humanitarian action, means that more attention is being paid to the evaluation of gender-based violence in emergencies (GBViE) programmes. Evaluation of GBViE programming is an emerging field of practice of which UNICEF is at the forefront.
Kit 4: Evaluation provides information and guidance for undertaking GBV evaluations in emergency contexts.
It has four sections:
Section 1 Introduction to GBV Evaluation in Emergencies provides an overview of GBV evaluations in emergency contexts, including different types of evaluative activities.
Section 2 Good Practice in GBViE Evaluations covers basic good practices in participation, ethics, safety and using a survivor-centred approach in GBV evaluations in emergency situations.
Section 3 How to Design and Manage a GBViE Evaluation describes the steps to follow when undertaking an internal programme review or commissioning an external evaluation of a GBV programme in an emergency-affected situation.
Section 4 Introduction to GBViE Programme Review and Operational Evaluation Tools contains an introduction to tools for facilitating participatory programme reviews and for planning and managing a GBViE programme operational evalaution. These tools can be found in the Evaluation Tools Booklet in this Kit.
Kit 4: Evaluation also includes an Evaluation Tools Booklet that contains two Programme Review Tools and five Operational Evaluation Tools. These tools are introduced in Section 4 of the Kit and aim to support UNICEF and partner staff in carrying out GBViE evaluative activities.

GBViE Resource Pack Kit 4: Overview

GBViE Programme Resource Pack Kit 4: Evaluation

GBViE Resource Pack Kit 4: Guidance Book

GBViE Resource Pack Kit 4: Tools


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