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AAP handbook and toolkit

Welcome to the AAP handbook and toolkit

Tool 2.1 FAQs on AAP

Tool 3.3 Overview AAP responsibilities in CO

Tool 5.4 Example of AAP Theory of Change

Tool 8.2 Tips on holding community meetings

Tool 13.1 ToRs Interagency AAP Positions

Tool 2.2 UNICEF video - Accountability to Affected Populations

Tool 5.1 Tip sheet integration AAP in Situation Analysis

Tool 5.5 Tip sheet integration of AAP in HRPs and Emergency Preparedness

Tool 8.3 Basic requirements child and adolescent participation

Tool 13.2 Example ToR AAP CE Working Group

Tool 3.1 ToR AAP Focal Point

Tool 5.2 Menu AAP Questions for Needs Assessments

Tool 5.8 AAP indicators and monitoring guidance

Tool 9.1 Feedback flow diagram

Tool 13.4 Tip sheet to monitor AAP performance in clusters

Tool 3.2 JD AAP Specialist

Tool 5.3 Tip sheet integration AAP in Programme Strategy Note

Tool 8.1 Tips on running focus group discussions

Tool 10.1 PSEA Practical Guide and Toolkit


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