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Words into Action on DRR, Children and Youth

Representing more than half the world’s population, children and youth under age 30 stand to benefit the most from reducing the risk and impact of disasters. Often hit first and hardest when disasters strike, children and youth experience disproportionately large impacts to their physical and mental health; nutritional needs; access to education; economic opportunities; exposure to violence as well as many other limiting side effects. Children and youth living in poverty and other vulnerable situations face even bigger risks, especially as climate change increases the magnitude and number of disasters around the world. Ensuring that their needs are met and their contributions are integrated into disaster reduction efforts is critical to upholding their rights.

This 2020 Words into Action guide on Engaging Children and Youth in Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Building offers access to global expertise, communities of practice and networks of practitioners with specific advice on how to support and engage children and youth.



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