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UNICEF’s HIV Programming in the Context of COVID-19: Building back better for children, adolescents and women

Recognizing the persistent and harmful impact that COVID-19 and related lockdown measures pose for the HIV response, governments across ESA region continue to implement interventions to sustain and further advance hard won gains toward ending AIDS. One year after the release of UNICEF's Compendium of innovative approaches to HIV programming in Eastern and Southern Africa in the context of COVID-19, this new Volume II describes results achieved in the nine countries highlighted in Volume I and shares experiences from an additional eight countries. This collective work demonstrates how countries are building upon the learning and architecture of the HIV response to proactively mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic while scaling up efforts to achieve global HIV goals, resulting in stronger responses and resilient systems for both HIV and COVID-19. Many of the adaptations and innovations described have had a positive impact beyond sustaining HIV services during COVID-19 and are demonstrating exciting opportunities to build back better with more flexible and resilient systems.



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Eastern and Southern Africa

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