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Towards Climate Resilient Education Systems: A Tool for Reflection, Dialogue and Progress Assessment for Ministries of Education and its Partners

This tool is designed to raise awareness and promote reflection, dialogue and assessment of progress among national and sub-national level education authorities and their partners about structures and processes to make the education system more climate resilient.

Small-scale and fragmented interventions and ad hoc approaches are not sufficient to effectively plan for and respond to the multifaceted climate change crisis. A system-wide approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation in the education sector needs to be developed and anchored within national and sub-national education systems under the leadership of the Ministry of Education in each country.

This tool was designed to be used periodically by Ministry of Education personnel and their partners to discuss and assess whether the education system is moving in the direction of increased climate change responsiveness and thus making progress towards climate change mitigation and adaptation goals.



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South Asia

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