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Safe Back to School: A Practitioner’s Guide

As governments prepare to reopen schools and other learning sites, ministries and school communities must minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19 within learning spaces and address the learning inequalities and protection concerns exacerbated by COVID-19 school closures, particularly for girls and other marginalised groups. Lessons learned from the COVID-19 school closures must inform disaster and emergency preparedness for future outbreaks of COVID-19 alongside other contextually specific hazards that might further jeopardize children’s rights to learn, be safe and survive. The school reopening process offers a unique multi-sectoral opportunity for governments and school communities to build back better, address gender inequalities and strengthen the resilience of the education system. An inclusive, participatory process can help bring all children and young people into school and leave no one behind. This guide, produced by the Global Education Cluster and the CP AoR, helps program teams plan an integrated, participatory process for safe school reopening.


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