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Indonesia - Mainstreaming Adolescent Participation in Indonesia for Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Young people in Indonesia have a strong economic foundation on which to build their futures. However, the threat of natural disasters threatens the country’s long-term prosperity and the survival and full development of its nearly 46 million adolescent girls and boys. In response, UNICEF and government partners have stepped to the forefront of ensuring that adolescents in Indonesia are safe, protected and prepared before, during and after hazardous events, including in ways that increase their participation in decisions important to them.

This case study highlights UNICEF Indonesia’s experience with the Adolescent Kit for Innovation and Expression, which was piloted first in humanitarian and protracted crises and then in other sectors. It shows how investment in adolescent participation in one sector (disaster risk reduction) can lead to expansion into wider, cross-sectoral work in areas adolescents themselves are concerned about, such as child marriage, education and health.



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Adolescent Development and Participation


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