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Introducing remote programmatic visits: UNICEF South Sudan’s experience in COVID-19

UNICEF introduced a blended approach to programmatic field monitoring to address movement limitations introduced by COVID-19. The South Sudan team was already familiar with field monitoring using digital platforms. The Nutrition Programme developed a methodology based on the existing Field Monitoring Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in May 2020. The Deputy Representative requested a Task team of Social Policy, Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation (SPPME) and Nutrition to develop an updated SOP that covered both on-site and remote Programmatic Visits (PV) in response to lesson learning around the remote PV pilot. The SOP was updated and adopted in September 2020. Language was introduced into partnership documents to institutionalize the blended monitoring approach as an option. A PowerBI dashboard was introduced to support management of remote monitoring. The blended monitoring approach to PV remains relevant in South Sudan, where access may be limited by conflict, natural disaster and COVID-19.



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