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Facilitating Public-Private partnership to develop national capacity for epidemiological situation monitoring: UNICEF Ukraine’s experience in COVID-19

UNICEF Ukraine collaborated with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Public Health Centre (PHC) to establish an epidemiological situation monitoring system for COVID-19. UNICEF proactively identified this area for collaboration with the MOH and PHC, even though UNICEF’s previous work with national monitoring systems in Ukraine had been limited. UNICEF facilitated a public-private partnership to co-create the collection, processing, analysis and visualization of COVID-19’s progression in Ukraine. Pragmatic application of simplified procedures enabled identification of requirements and adaptive development of solutions. Within one month, an interim solution co-created by the PHC, UNICEF, an IT company and INGO (REACH) was in place. Adaptations of the epidemiological software continued and the longer-term system was rolled out. The interim solution laid a foundation for further adaptive data solutions by the Government.



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