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Big data and polls to support learning continuity: UNICEF Indonesia’s experience in COVID-19

The Indonesia team built from its existing expertise in digital platforms and data visualization, and generated data to support programming to monitor quality and access to services from school closure to resumption of face-to-face school activities. UNICEF collaborated with the Ministry of Education and Culture and the University of Indonesia to harness data to support continuity of learning during the pandemic. This included:
• Using existing Education Management Information Systems to track immediate impacts of school closures.
• Gathering feedback from students, family members and teachers on the quality of remote learning and willingness to return to in-person schooling.
• Visualizing digital school connectivity to inform further infrastructure investments.
• Visualizing preparedness and progress in school opening.
UNICEF leveraged its existing capacity in digital platforms to create responsive solutions and expanded into the use of big data to strengthen available situation and programmatic monitoring.



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