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Actions for a Liveable Planet for Every Child: UNICEF Advocacy Brief on Climate, Environment, Energy and Disaster Risk Redu

This advocacy brief on climate, environment, energy and disaster risk resilience (DRR) explains how UNICEF works for and with children and young people to reduce risk, adapt to a changing climate and build resilience.

It encourages all stakeholders to:
1) Ensure child-critical services are more inclusive, and resilient to and prepared for disasters and wider climate change impacts;
2) Scale up and accelerate investment and resources in DRR and climate change adaptation measures centered on children and young people;
3) Empower all children and young people to be educated, prepared for and resilient to disasters and wider climate change impacts, and able to meaningfully participate in key disaster- and climate-related decisions and actions;
4) Integrate child-specific interventions into national and local DRR and climate policies and actions, ensuring that the risks to their survival, well-being and development are systematically considered and addressed; and
5) Strengthen the capacities of governments and other stakeholders on child-centered DRR and CCA by maximizing partnerships, supporting age- and gender-disaggregated and localized data collection and sharing technical expertise to inform, shape and influence DRR and CCA actions for and with children and young people.



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Climate, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction


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