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AAP Digital Strategy – Harnessing Technologies for Enhanced Accountability and Community Engagement

Digital technologies have become a part of modern life - including in humanitarian aid and development cooperation and for affected and marginalized populations living in crises and fragility – and their role and influence continue to expand. The new pathways and opportunities that digital solutions offer to reinforce UNICEF’s Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) are an example of that too, within the larger goal of increasing our meaningful engagement with communities, where children and their families occupy the central place. Digital innovation, transformation and partnerships are put at their service and in respect of UNICEF’s Core Commitments with the aim of having community insights continuously inform and improve our actions to the best possible benefit of the populations we aim to serve. This is what the AAP Strategy and Digital Transformation vision aims to contribute to, whilst trying to enhance UNICEF’s programme effectiveness and organizational accountability in the process.



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Accountability to Affected Populations


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