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A COP Fit for Children: How to support children's participation

The climate crisis is affecting children and their rights first and worst, and will continue to affect future generations of children. Across the world, a growing global movement of children are demanding climate action, providing leadership on how the climate crisis should be addressed. Despite this, climate events and summits at all levels are rarely inclusive of children.

Children are rarely invited into climate negotiations, and if they are, information is often inaccessible to them. This prevents children from participating and raising their concerns at the climate negotiations, the COPs, where important decisions on the future of climate policies are taken.

“A COP Fit For Children: How to support children’s participation” sets out how the organisers of COP and states involved in COP can make the climate summit inclusive for all children in the processes leading up to COP, COP itself, and in the follow-up process.


Save the Children International, UNICEF

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