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#BeatCOVID19 stigma (video)

Stigma doesn't help. But Jamaicans helping each other, that’s how we #BeatCOVID19! 😷

More info: http://uni.cf/covid19ja

UNICEF Accountability to Affected Populations Video

This short animated video explains what Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) is and what it means for UNICEF.

Pasos para ponerse y quitarse el equipo de protección personal (EPP) - Incluido el overol

UNICEF Venezuela pone a disposición estos videos dirigidos al personal de salud que son la primera línea de combate contra la COVID-19.

RCCE Educational Video: Kate’s Story

This RCCE Educational Video features Kate's story and experience of COVID-19, and what preventive behaviours she practices. This is one of a series of RCCE videos developed by UNICEF and IFRC.

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