Emergency Procedures

The determination of a Level 3 or Level 2 emergency is made based on scale; urgency; complexity; and capacity of Regional Office (RO) and Country Offices (COs) affected by the crisis.

Level-2 Emergency Response: CO needs additional support from other parts of the organisation (HQ, RO and other COs) to scale up and respond to the crisis. The Regional Director (RD) will provide leadership and RO support is enhanced.

Level-3 Emergency Response: The Executive Director declares that organisation-wide mobilization is needed to scale up and respond and appoints a Global Emergency Coordinator (GEC). RO support to the CO is enhanced.

UNICEF Emergency Procedures are activated to ensure a timely and effective response to crises.

UNICEF is currently developing new procedures that will apply to all crises and replace the L3/L2 SSOPs when finalized.

UNICEF Simplified Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs) for Corporate Emergency Activation Procedure in Level 3 Emergencies (2012)

UNICEF Procedure on corporate emergency activation for L3 (2019)

UNICEF Directive for Level 2 Emergencies (annexes) 2013

UNICEF procedure on regional emergency activation for L2 (2019)