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Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment of Wasting in Children 0-59 Months through National Health Systems in the Context of COVID-19

This document serves as a tool for implementing the recommendations reflected in existing WHO and UNICEF guidance on the delivery of services through national health systems for the prevention, early detection and treatment of child wasting in the context of COVID-19. This note reflects broad guidance for all levels of the health system, including community health services that offer prevention, early detection and treatment services for child wasting. WHO and UNICEF recognize that context-specific adaptations to these recommendations will be necessary depending on transmission levels, population mobility restrictions, resources, and other national public health measures to respond to and mitigate the effects of the pandemic across different countries. This note therefore offers specific examples of programmatic changes or adaptations that may be temporarily introduced to ensure the continuity and safety of prevention and treatment services. Child wasting is significantly impacted by household food insecurity, and for many food insecure populations, food-assistance programmes are critical to prevention efforts; however, such services and their delivery in the context of COVID-19 are addressed in other guidance notes



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