Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation:

Adapted Resource Package for COVID-19

While schools and other institutions are planning phased openings soon, disruptions are likely to continue for some time to come, emphasizing the need for remote learning and expression opportunities for adolescents. Providing adolescents with such opportunities to build healthy and positive relationships with their peers, friends and family members is an important priority for adolescents’ mental health during lockdowns.  
UNICEF and partners are responding to adolescents’ needs for the continuity of learning, psychosocial support and skills building during COVID-19. The Adolescent Development and Participation, Education, Child Protection and Innovation Sections of UNICEF have worked closely together with five country offices (Jordan, Lebanon, Colombia, Tajikistan, Indonesia) to provide adolescents with a resource package of activities that can be self-administered to promote their psychosocial wellbeing and learn new skills in times of stress and while staying at home. The target group of the resource package is adolescents aged 10-19 years. 

The original Adolescent Kit and the adapted version are complementary. In its original form, the Adolescent Kit activities are meant to be carried out through in-person interactions between adolescents in facilitated group sessions. In contrast, the Adapted Package offers activities that can be self-administered by the adolescents themselves wherever they are. Additionally, the package offers instructions for parents/caregivers and facilitators to apply the activities at home or through platforms such as radio/WhatsApp.   

We strongly encourage UNICEF and partners to use the Kit in its original form if feasible. If the Adapted Resource Package is used, we encourage UNICEF and partners to transition the adapted, remote activities into in-person sessions if and whenever it becomes possible.

We hope you find the Adapted Resource Package useful in addressing the needs and priorities of young people and engaging them as part of our COVID-19 efforts.

You’re welcome to reach out to for questions and feedback on the Adapted Resource Package. 

Front page photo of introduction package

An overview of the Adapted Resource Package, instructions for Programme Coordinators, and Quick Guides for Facilitators and Parents & Caregivers.

Image - Activity Guides.PNG

Step-by-step guides explaining the purpose of the activities, how to do them, and how to keep creating and learning from them. Activity Guide instructions for Facilitators and Parents & Caregivers are included.

Image - Energizer Cards.PNG

Fun and energizing activities building adolescents’ abilities to complete the Activity Guides and encourage them to relax and enjoy creative entertainment together or alone.

Image - Inspiration Cards.PNG

Fun, engaging and practical quick activities to keep adolescents inspired, motivated and interested. 

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